Water proof

One of the outstanding specifications of Porcelain Slabs are the very low water abortion (water absorption lesser than 0.5 percent) which has made it a perfect choice for moist environments such as swimming pools, cold places and etc.

Heat resistance

Porcelain Slabs are thermal shock resistance, resilient against heat, therefore they are a desirable choice for Hot bars, kitchen counters and islands …

More durability

Porcelain tiles are statistically appealing to the eye, nevertheless their toughness have made them a suitable option for places where you need durability. They are not subjective to tear and wear making them friction proof and the best thing is they are affordable.

Large sizes

The large sizes of these products which they span from 120cm*240cm to 160cm*320cm have made it quicker to install and cover more surface at a time, more durable and delightful to look at.

Flexible in design

Since Slabs are flexible in both size and design, it is safe to say you can choose from various effects such as matt, Polished, semi polished …etc. The ability to use millions of colors in designs allows It to please any costumer with their taste.