Almas Kabir Sham’s project with the co-operation of BMR and Siti started in 2017 located in Shams Abad industrial complex near Qom’s road. The company started its porcelain production in October 2020.

Residential complexes and shopping centers are one of the company’s main projects. Keeping up with the growing needs of the aforementioned projects. The main products are large porcelain tile with various uses such as Floor and building façade. The management’s goal is to focus on TMQ, to improve the quality of an organization’s output, including goods and services, through the continual improvement of internal practices with the following standards: ISO9001, 2015, ISO 45001, 2018, CE.


We are determined to satisfy our clients with reasonable pricing and and outstanding quality. We thrive in manufacturing eco-friendly products.

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Our five year projection

Five-year projection is to become one of the top leaders in porcelain production.

Main Goals

  • Increasing the quality with high end technology and methods.
  • Developing the chain of management with new innovational methods.
  • Increasing the market share by introducing various and new designs.
  • Increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of our employees
  • Increasing the safety and hygiene of workers thus decreasing environmental pollution.
  • Utilizing our resources in the most efficient way.

Factory’s properties

  • Premises Area: 46000 m2
  • Factory floor: 30000 square meters
  • Personnel: 300 people in 3 shifts
  • Production: 1.5 Million m2 per annum
  • For the first time in Ceramic tile industry: using a 36000 Siti B&T press
  • For the first time in Ceramic tile industry: using a kiln with the width of 4.8 meters
  • For the first time in Iran: Using a fully digital glazing line
  • Using high end technologies of Siti B&T, BMR and Projecta
  • First and the only producer of slabs in Iran
  • The ability to apply dry glaze
  • Products ranging from 120*240 to 160*320 and their width ranging from 6mm to 25mm

Quality and Ranking Certificates

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
HSE management system
ISO 45001